For many of us, December is a time to reflect on everything we do, analyze all the progress made toward our goals, and be grateful for all the wonderful things we learned in the past year. This is no exception at MEHRASL. Transparency is also one of our core values, and because of that, we should give you an overview of everything we’ve done over at MEHR ASL in 2018.

If you’ve been with us throughout the year, you’ll know that we had an unforgettable event despite of our great achievements in 2018. Mr. Seyed Reza Moghimi Asl, our Co-Founder and CEO, passed away in September 2018. To respect him, we today want to look back and just have a memory of him as an outstanding and top entrepreneur of Iran.

Before that, MEHR ASL family is so grateful to you for supporting us to pass this hard time and to achieve our company goals as well. Make 2019 as your best year yet.

In Memory of Eng. Seyed Reza Moghimi Asl

High Excellency Engineer Seyed Reza Moghimi, CEO and owner of MEHR ASL, was martyred at the age of 75 on 4th September 2018 while he was working accompanied by his workers at one of MEHR ASL sites.

For decades, he directed the fate of MEHR ASL as the owner and CEO. With his values such as diligence, entrepreneurial courage as well his international orientation, which are now firmly rooted in the MEHR ASL corporate culture, he characterized his own era, developing the company from a small sized to the National and the Middle East innovative leader and the largest manufacturer of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. Today, MEHR ASL has above 1,000 employees in Iran.

The father of East Azerbaijan Province Entrepreneurship was highly committed to his country and human resources throughout his life. In during his professional life, he was awarded several times by the -president and ministers of Iran for his contributions to the fields of cultural and social responsibilities. In addition, he received many awards for his business successes and services to society and industry of Iran as outstanding entrepreneur, industry prominent and top exporter of Iran as well.

Mr. Reza’s passing away is definitely a profound loss to the MEHR ASL family, Industrial Community specially HVACR industry of Iran and all who cooperated with him as an outstanding personality and brand entrepreneur.

Mr. Reza Moghimi Asl will forever be remembered for his breaking through branding, professional life, humanitarian activities and the positive impact he had on everyone who had the pleasure of working with him. God Bless him!

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your success, Mr. Reza!

Your vision and inspiration will stay with us forever!