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HISPANTV Repor From MEHR ASL Manufacturing Corporation

"Bazaar" TV program introduces one of the industries of Iran to the global audience each week.  Recently, this TV Show reported HVACR Industry of Iran with focus on business and activities of MEHR ASL Manufacturing Corporation as Top Exporter and Leading manufacturer of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems of Iran. This TV show will be broadcast from HISPANTV in Spanish language on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (22-24 April 2021).


Today is  International Mother Earth Day, and that’s something we all need to ponder, respect, and celebrate. Keeping our Mother Earth beautiful and green is our duty. Don’t wait for others to save the earth – start today and let us restore its beauty by planting trees, gathering wastes and etc. We must remember the earth is what we all have in common. Sustainability is a core value of MEHRASL. Let’s combat climate change together. Let’s green the world.

MEHR ASL Was Awarded as Top Exporting Company in the East-Azerbaijan Province

During the visit paid by a group of craftsmen with the supreme leader’s representative in the East Azerbaijan province to appreciate of the efforts of outstanding exporting companies, the CEO of MEHR ASL Manufacturing Corporation was awarded as top exporter of the East- Azerbaijan province.

The CEO of MEHR ASL Was Appreciated on “The National Day of Export”

Dr. Aminzadeh, Head of East Azerbaijan Industry, Mine & Trde Ministry, accompanied by Mr. Mehdi Ghahremani, Secretary General of Tabriz Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, and Mr. Zahed Mahmoudi, Governor of Azarshahr, visited from MEHR ASL Manufacturing Corporation in commemoration of "National Day of Export." MEHR ASL is recognized as the Industrial Top Unit and National Top Exporter of Iran. The authorities awarded a plaque of appreciation to CEO of MEHR ASL for his efforts in Mining and HVACR industries of Iran.

“MEHR ASL” Was Awarded as “the National Exemplary Exporter of 2019”

Iran’s National Day of Export which has been commemorated over the past 22 years, is aimed at promoting the country’s exports status. Every year, this day is celebrated to honor the Iranian exemplary exporters in a bid to promote the culture of exports throughout the country. This year, the National Day of Export was held on Monday, 2nd of December 2019 at Islamic Summit Conference Hall in the presence of First Vice President, Mr. Eshagh Jahangiri, Minister of Industry, Mine & Trade, Dr. Reza Rahmani, and Hamid Zadboum, the Head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO). The procedures conducted by TPO for selecting [...]

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