Welcome to MEHR ASL

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Is Our Business.

Since 1990, MEHRASL Manufacturing Corporation ranks among the Leading Manufacturers of Air- Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems, Copper Tubes, Copper Fittings, Insulation Material and other HVACR parts for residential, industrial and commercial applications in the Middle East.

The diligent and Innovative managers along with up to 1,000 employees stand behind this success. People who put all of their energy into making sure that air-conditioning will be perfect with their products everywhere and every time.

Headquartered in Tehran, set up Manufacturing Plants in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran spanning 120,000 m² with a wide range of products, MEHRASL is able to meet with the requirements of the largest air-conditioning and construction projects.

MEHR ASL main products are:

Air – Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems:

* Liquid Chillers

* Absorption Chillers 
* Cooling Towers
* Air Handling Units & Air Washer Units
* Precision Air Cooled Package Units
* Packaged Units
* Unit Condenser and Unit Coolers
* Special Orders
* Fan Coils
* Split Units
* Split Type Ducted Air Conditioners
* Window Type A/C
* Heat Exchangers and …

ACR Copper Tubes:
* Level Wound Coils (LWC)
* Straight Length Tube
* Pancake Coils
* Inner Grooved Tube
* Finned Tubes

Pre-Insulated Copper Tube:
* Straight Length Copper Tube coated with insulation 9mm & 13mm
* Pancake Coils coated with insulation 9mm & 13mm

Copper Fittings:
* U Bend, Equal Tee, Equal Coupler, Reducer, Elbow 45⁰, and Elbow 90⁰ and ….

MA FLEX Closed Cell Elastomeric Insulations:
* MA FLEX TK Tubes (Length: 1.83 m)
* MA FLEX TK Sheet Rolls on Single & Double Side Smooth
* MA FLEX TK Sheet Rolls with Adhesive

With a focus on safety, quality and operational effectiveness, MEHR ASL HVACR Systems have transformed its operations to support global customers’ continuous improvement expectations in quality assurance and supply.

Today’s HVACR industry challenges require the best of technological resources and the brightest of engineering minds. MEHR ASL is accepting the challenge to bring new ideas and new technology to address the industry’s toughest issues- today and in the future.

MEHR ASL exports its products to the most of countries in the Middle East, CIS, Turkey and etc. Its target export markets are all countries around the World especially Turkey, CIS, Middle East and etc.