MEHR ASL Manufacturing Corporation inaugurated its Fan Motor production line by the presence of Mr. Mohammadreza Nematzade, the Minister of industry, mine and trade and simultaneously with the President, Mr. Rouhani’s trip to East Azerbaijan Province on 19th April 2017.

This production line as a national project spanning in 14,000 M² are utilized with:
1- Investment of USD 22,000,000 with collaboration of Bank of Industry and Mine.
2- Employment of 130 People Directly and 300 People indirectly.
3- Production capacity of 2,000,000 PCS fan motors with External rotor and cage squirrel motor in wide range of 20 models and capacities of 1~5 kW.
4- Energy Consumption of 1500 kW electricity and 800 m³ Gas.
5- Foreign exchange saving of USD 14,000,000 per year.