Here at MEHR ASL Manufacturing Corporation, 2016 was rich in achievements and important targets:

In MEHR ASL Mining and Manufacturing Industries with 50% shared ownership of MEHR ASL Manufacturing Corporation, we achieved to 98% progress in completion and utilization of Copper Concentrate Manufacturing Plant and we will officially inaugurate the site by September 2017. As we are utilizing our West Anjerd (Ali Javad) Copper and Gold Mine in East Azerbaijan Province, simultaneously, we are doing the supplementary explorations on this mine.

We almost finished the machinery installation of our Electric Motor and Fan project; and we will officially inaugurate the production site by presence of government authorities at the end of January 2017. As a national project, we will produce the external and squirrel cage motors for the first time in Iran.

As a manufacturer of absorption chillers under the license of Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co. Ltd. Japan (KTE), we are under negotiation and agreement with KTE for production of this product with high efficiency and COP in Tabriz.

Mr. Reza Moghimi Asl, Our Managing Director, was elected and awarded as the Industry Pioneer of Iran.

We took part in more than ten national and international exhibitions in Iran, Turkey and Italy with hundreds of visitors. For the first time, we strengthened our presence in the countries of Kazakhstan and Ukraine. We started taking part in exhibitions in Italy and other European countries. Following this path, we were awarded as the exemplary exporter of East Azerbaijan Province.

Thanks to all suppliers, customers, professional engineers, diligent and Innovative managers and up to 1,000 employees at MEHR ASL who stand behind this success.

Welcome responsibilities as it will bring in more chances of being successful and prosperous in 2017.

Happy New Year to all of you!